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The Duffy Chronicles

Product Description

This is the story of a pound puppy in search of his true home and his purpose in life. It is based on facts, and told through his voice. This is the first of a series of three books that comprise 'The Duffy Chronicles.' We were truly blessed that Duffy chose us, lived for 15 years and shared his many adventures with our family. He really was a 20 lb. dog with a two-ton personality! Proceeds of each sale of his books will go to PAWS to support their efforts to change the lives of all our four legged friends.

This is available on and  The 2nd in the series: The Duffy Chronicles, Stories from the Farm, will be out soon.

Here are some of the reviews of the 1st in this series:

This story is great for so many age groups--adults will enjoy reading of Duffy's journey--of friends made, lessons learned--and you WILL identify with him! And kids will love having this story read to them until they can read it themselves! Duffy teaches compassion, understanding and the importance of friendship and the fact that it's the journey that matters! I hope Ms. Hammond continues to write about Duffy and his family!

The Duffy Chronicles is a touching book that makes us realize that all creatures have a purpose on this Earth. Duffy's personality lights up this book. Children of all ages will love it!

This book gives you such a warm wonderful feeling when reading it. You feel Duffy and all his friends. A well worth "must" for all reading groups, young and old. 

You'll fall in love with Duffy and so will your kids! "The Duffy Chronicles" is a wonderful heart-warming story for dog lovers of all ages (and a fantastic nighttime read to the kids).

This is a great book for anyone at any age that loves animals. It has a great message, and is fun to read.

and my favorite review...

 I really really like this story because I love dogs and puppies and Duffy was a puppy so thats 1 of the reasons I like the book. Another reason I love this book is my mom's friend wrote this book and I think she did a great great job! My favorite part was when Duffy escaped his first home and then went to the shelter or as Duffy called it (doggie jail). And then the lady came to pick him up and he went home. And my second favorite part was when Craig did not like Duffy but at the end of the story Craig started to love Duffy. I think this was a great book.